Should I pay for worry-free maintenance?


Should I keep my mail server and file server in my home or office?


Crucial-Tech has a vast knowledge of what new start-up companies and small businesses need when it comes to technology. Whether you’re working from your home office, or settling in your new office location, we can help answer your questions regarding what is needed to work efficiently and productively. Working out of your home office can be a great venture! Crucial-Tech recommends your take care of your files by backing them up. It’s never too late to get an external hard drive or signup with a cloud service. And, once you do, you’ll feel much better. No one likes lighting strikes around your home, especially when you’re working on a document or project. Crucial-Tech recommends IDrive online backup. This is the best at home disaster recovery solution for both PC’s and Macs.

When it’s time to settle into your new office, you’ve likely had the need to hire new employees. With employees come multiple email accounts, multiple computers and multiple documents on those computers. The best way to keep all these emails and documents organized is a server. A server, simply put, serves your documents to all of your computers. A file server and an email server are generally used together on one machine. Crucial-Tech understands the complex role the file and email servers play in your business. In addition to Crucial-Tech’s knowledge, we partner with other full time IT companies that can take care of all this setup for you. It’s not necessary for a small company to have IT personal in their office or on their payroll. Crucial-Tech and its relationship with IT companies intention is to get your office up and running, and be available only when needed.