Crucial-Tech pinpoints it’s services to small business and self-managed businesses. We understand that starting your own business or practice can be difficult, so we intend to take some burden off of you by getting your website up and running quickly. Secondly, we can provide you advice on what type of home or office computer network you need at this time. Below is a checklist of what you might need:

For a Website:

  • A Domain Name (www.example.com)
  • A Hosting Account (allows your website to become accessible on the internet)
  • A Website Theme (colors, graphics, etc.)
  • An Email Account Associated your Domain
  • Multiple Email Accounts Associated with your Domain
  • How Many Pages in the Website (Home, About, Services, Contact, etc.)
  • Online Payments

For a Home or Office:

  • Computers (How many and what type)
  • Peripherals (Monitors, Printers, etc)
  • Servers (Is one necessary? If so, what applications are needed?)
  • Network (Allowing your documents accessible to other staff)
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Full Service IT Support & Help Desk


Is my desired domain name available?

You can run a free search against the domain registrar. The domain registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of internet domain names. Most website hosting website’s have a built in domain registrar search. Here’s a few:

What is a Hosting Account?

A hosting account is a place to upload all your website files. Once uploaded correctly, the website becomes accessible through the internet. At Crucial-Tech, we have a good relationship with Go Daddy and Network Solutions. These are well known and include many customization features allowing your website to perform at its best.

Can I have an Email Account?

Crucial-Tech’s Gold Package allows you to have an email account corresponding with your domain name. If your name is Susan and your business domain is cookiesforsale.com, your email address can be susan@cookiesforsale.com. Our Platinum Package offers additional email accounts for your domain name. Crucial-Tech also offers email accounts associated with a domain of your choice even if a website is not desired.